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I'm into industrial, ebm, metal, melodic death metal and industrial metal, including:
Turmion Kätilöt,
Alien Vampires,
Black Light Discipline,
Fear Of Domination,
Bullet For My Valentine,
Rob Zombie,
Dimmu Borgir,
Suicide Commando,
Nurzery [Rhymes],
Aesthetic Perfection,
Marilyn Manson,
Dawn of Ashes,
Frank Klepacki,
Children of Bodom,
2 Times Terror,
Cold Cold Ground,
The CNK,
Imperative Reaction,
Cradle of Filth,
Shade Empire,
Killswitch Engage,
Detroit Diesel,
The Sin:Decay,
PreEmptive Strike 0.1,

Check out my music taste: www.last.fm/user/Lextasys

Occupation: Student


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Recent reviews

Empire review

Posted : 6 years ago on 27 June 2012 05:54 (A review of Empire)

Finland is not quite well known for its Industrial/Goth/Electro-Metal bands, and I would not call myself a fan of that genre, but this band could change both of those facts. OK, the band name for some reason demands more brain-acrobatics to be remembered - so do their label and genre colleagues Turmion Kätilöt - and some lyrics might be difficult to sing along, even WITH the text sheet in hand, but that´s pretty much all of the nagging I could provide. Those 5 guys from Kuopio offer a debut album that doesn´t sound like one. The production (mixing by Turmion-MC Raaka Pee) is flawless, songs and songwriting above the average, lyrics and artwork as well.

And then there is this video "Tides", which is equally well-done (see [Link removed - login to see] and running regularly on Finnish music TV - also the reason why I noticed those guys. In an attempt to describe the sound, I cannot avoid to mention Rammstein when it comes to rough and aggressive tracks - e.g. this great opener "For All You Heavy-Hearted". As comparison I´d mention also NIN, Sundown, Pain or Die Krupps in their Metal years. Sometimes it´s not the loops but the Metal guitars that dominate, like "The Song By Heart", which is somewhat catchy (just like the mentioned opener, "No Perfect Plan" or "So Much Better"). Other songs have a Proggy-bulky appeal, like "Same Story, Different People", or - strangely - "Tides". Singer Toni sounds in the clean parts like Ville Valo´s evil twin, but also offers real tough Rock/Metal vocals, and it´s this mix of rough-melodious, catchy-bulky that makes it interesting.

I can imagine that Black Light Discipline turn any German Goth/Industrial Club easily upside-down, as live they kick ass indeed - it´s actually really difficult NOT to dance to those beats... Therefore, genre-fans, remember this band (or better, make a note for remembering this band) - or best, just go and get this album right away...

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Against Each Other review

Posted : 6 years ago on 27 June 2012 05:52 (A review of Against Each Other)

Against the World" is what the Finns Black Light Discipline are chanting in the opening track of the new album - well, I guess they won´t face too much resistance ... This second full-length CD "Against Each Other" continues the style of the impressive "Empire" debut, with captivating Industrial beats, powerful Metal riffs and melodies so sweet and sinister at the same time, interpreted by a versatile vocalist who pulls of smooth-seductive-dark clean as well as evil-into-your-face shouts ...

Sometimes you hear "a good band, but they need a hit" - well, not the case for BLD. Just like Empire, there seems to be a whole string of hits on the CD - hypnotic rhythms you just have to move along with, tunes you find yourself whizzling in the street, on the way on the train, or worse, IN the train... so be warned of the song "Serenity", it´s a highly infectious piece of ear candy, garnished with such sweet heartbreaking string-parts (thanks to Dmitry Casper Rishka from Russian band Dominia) and catch phrases you cannot get out of your head for days to come ("I´m serene, sereeee-ni-tyyyy"...).

Actually, I noticed that the lyrics are perhaps a bit easier to digest (& to shout along) in comparison with the Empire album... Which means, immediate danger of getting hooked immediately, you want to hear those songs over and over again... be it those tough Metal riffs of "Red Rivers" or "Aggressor", the softer melancholic "Waiting For The Rain", the Electro-Trance-like "Being&Ending" or "Walls Inside Us", which features a certain Disco-flair, just like the 80s classic "Self Control" cover (which was chosen via facebook fan poll). Guest vocalists Anton Rosa (also from Dominia), Tuire Parviainen and Karoliina Kallio add even more flavour to this already tasty and diverse musical mix.

Summing up, this CD should come in a "WARNING - HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS!!" wrapping (which would actually go nicely with cover motive) - so don´t fight, just surrender ...

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Dead End District review

Posted : 6 years ago on 27 June 2012 02:56 (A review of Dead End District)

September 16 finally sees the release of an all new album by ‘Noisemeisters’ NOISUF-X! This German project dominates for years the dancefloor of the industrial- and noise dancefloors around the planet and each and every of their albums and EPs has been a big success! Tracks such as ‘Tinnitus’, ‘Hit me hard’, ‘3000 Phon’ or ‘Deutschland braucht Be- wegung’ have become evergreens of the industrial culture and are part of almost all DJ sets of the noise/industrial club-scene! While the previous album ‘Excessive Exposure’ featured guest appearances by ‘classic’ Electro-artists such as Peter Spilles (Project Pitchfork) or Johan van Roy (Suicide Commando), Noisuf-X this time take a quite unusual, surprising approach, by collaborating with one of THE biggest SKA-Newcomers around: ‘Population’ from England. The result is different to what you ever dated to hear: Call it ‘FUTURE SKA’! A unique symbiosis of Industrial and Ska that will move the masses! Dead End District delivers club-compatible material on the usual, highest Quality level, but isn’t afraid of experimentations that further develop the unique, and original sound of this outstanding industrial/Electro project! In short: album that sets new standards!

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Voodoo Ritual review

Posted : 6 years ago on 27 June 2012 02:54 (A review of Voodoo Ritual)

This album is full of dancable tracks each with their own layering, synths as well as own feel but having said that I do feel a little let down by it. It could be that I haven't given the tracks enough time to grow on me or that I was trying to over analyse them rather then just letting myself enjoy them. It might well be to some peoples tastes but personally not mine as it gets repetitive before it it changes section. Its worth checking out but the songs would work better in a set list or play list of some description. If you like Studio-X and similar bands then you'll enjoy this.

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Excessive Exposure review

Posted : 6 years ago on 27 June 2012 02:52 (A review of Excessive Exposure)

One year after the latest album release of “Voodoo Ritual”, the mastermind Jan L. returns with his Industrial/Noise project Noisuf-X and the album “Excessive Exposure”. The album comes packed with 14 new tracks and will also be available as a limited edition featuring a bonus disc with 4 exclusive tracks including collaborations with Johan Van Roy of Suicide Commando and Peter Spilles of Project Pitchfork.
The album starts out with the quite melodic “All Systems Go”, but during the ride, you will run into a couple of more songs with the same style. Heavy tracks with great rhythms and sound structure and they feels more melodic then previous releases like on “Antipode” or “The Beauty Of Destruction” albums. Though you will get the more noisy tracks like “White Noise” or “Rapture”. The music seems to draw much more attention and alot more similarities with X-Fusion with its vicious melodies and the unique style of sound structure that Jan L. has with his music. All tracks is instrumental, however they includes various samples. Just the right formula for great music that you really wanna move your feets to. Included on the album is a trbute to the good old C64 computer system and the mix of the retro with the more modern and harsher sound turns out to be very good and the satisfaction level is at the top.
“Excessive Exposure” is without a doubt destined for the heavy clubs. With great production Jan L. delivers yet another power assault with experimental soundscapes and with its pounding beat structure it will make sure you feel alive. Turn up the volume and start moving!

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Antipode review

Posted : 6 years ago on 27 June 2012 02:48 (A review of Antipode)

Apocalyptic side project from German Industrial outfit X-Fusion; Noisuf-X deliver their debut "Antipode" an experimental collage of cutting edge beats, distorted drums, destroyed sounds and electronic loops, firmly based in the industrial/Noise arena - Noisuf-X produce an apocalyptic and fear drenched industrial attack, combining cold atmospheres with harsh distorted beats, experimental sounds and punishing sequences. Presented as a Limited Edition digipak of 1000 copies only.

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No One Here Gets Out Alive review

Posted : 6 years ago on 27 June 2012 12:59 (A review of No One Here Gets Out Alive)

No One Here Gets Out Alive in the first release for Alien Vampires on their new label, BLC Productions. This album has an in-your-face, harsh elektro sound, mixed with techno / rave / powernoise sensibilities. With track names like "We Are Dead Fuck You" and "What the Fuck Do You Want From Me", you know Alien Vampires means business and they don't care who they offend - if you don't like it, look elsewhere; this definitely carries over into the music.

The album has quite a variety of styles on it, sometimes standing on their own, sometimes combined together. For instance, "Watershed (Everyone Fucks Everyone)" , "We Are Dead Fuck You", and "Rave to the Grave" have the usual harsh elektro sound, but songs like "We're Going to Hell" have a more powernoise style to them. "Hell S.D." and "Fucking Negative" show off a more dance-friendly sound. This dance-friendly sounds reaches its apex with "What the Fuck Do You Want From Me", a song with female vocal samples and a sound that you wouldn't expect to hear on this album - probably more akin to something from Paul Oakenfold or some similar band in the electronic/trance scene.

"Industrial Warriors" is an homage to the old techno/industrial days - pounding, monotonous beats, the classic air raid siren sound, radar-like synths and I love it. "No One Here Gets Out Alive" is a moody, gothic piece and the album finishes up with "Show Me the Way" - very goth/doom metal, with deep, resounding guitar, live drums, and haunting synths in the background

The only detractor to this release would be the vocals - the music is good all around, but the utterly destroyed vocals are distracting. I'm all for distorted vocals, but when you've reached the point where I can't even distinguish what language you're using, you've gone too far.

This album is hard to sum up as it is many things: harsh elektro, powernoise, rave, trance, gothic, metal, all interwoven to produce a whole which is interesting in many aspects. This is definitely not your typical release and certainly worth checking out.

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Fuck Off and Die review

Posted : 6 years ago on 27 June 2012 12:56 (A review of Fuck Off and Die)

The masters of melding electro, metal and trance in a brilliant hard-electro cocktail return after their huge successes with MCD "Nuns are Pregnant", full-length album "EVIL GENERATION", and "NO ONE HERE GETS OUT ALIVE" - all of which have been grabbed up by the rabid fans who demonstrate an almost cult-like devotion to the iconoclastic ALIEN VAMPIRES. Never shying away from confrontation, the Italy-UK duo has dished up a new full-length called "FUCK OFF AND DIE" - so put the kids to bed, at least if you intend to say the name of the album out loud! Otherwise, it's nearly 80 minutes of raging, raving, inescapable audio pleasure as only ALIEN VAMPIRES can deliver it. Featuring an intro by legendary electro founders IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES, a killer remix by NOISUF-X, and a special guest appearance on vocals by the legendary SUICIDE COMMANDO, this album is a "must have", if ever there was one.

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Evil Generation review

Posted : 6 years ago on 27 June 2012 12:53 (A review of Evil Generation)

Alien Vampires stand for a sound where harsh industrial, pure electronics and obscure black metal atmospheres combine to form evil, electronic body music. This latest evolution in Hard / Abrasive Electro could be described as a cross between Psyclon Nine and Hocico, with typical Death Power Vocals. "Evil Generation" is filled with hard beats, catchy melodies and muscular guitar riffs - mingled in a unique style that finds its most complete realization in tracks such as "Satanic Propaganda" and 'We Will Rise Again". Feat. Nysrok from Aborym

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Clubbers Die Younger Ep review

Posted : 6 years ago on 27 June 2012 12:49 (A review of Clubbers Die Younger Ep)

Itstitle "Clubbers Die Younger" says it all... The ALIENVAMPIRES tornado strikes back with a massive 9-track mini-CDannouncing the band's forthcoming studio album! Louder, faster,harder... the rebellious Italian/British combo kicks your ass oncemore with their unique upfront industrial dance full of distortednoise, vibrating bass- drums, hypnotic turbo beats and provocativeharsh vocals. Nysrok Infernalien and Nightstalker invite you to thisuncensored fu\*king ultimate acid orgy and guarantee you a suresoon-death... Sexy and bloody visuals, astounding guest vocals bySonya Scarlet (THEATRES DES VAMPIRES) and killer remixes by AMDUSCIA,C-LEKKTOR, CHAINREACTOR and WASTE. So many additional reasons topurchase this limited mini-CD bound to be sold out in no time!

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